Be natural and calm. The artificiality, the obvious falsehood that slips in every movement of women who can push the man and even inspire him with disgust. It is not necessary to appear overly arrogant and haughty, as men often don't like it. Use your natural charm to win the heart of men.
Model the facial expressions, gestures and postures in front of the mirror. Decide what style of behavior is most suitable to you. Look for their strengths and learn to accentuate them. If you have nice lips and straight white teeth, to smile. The owners of the perfect chest is to draw attention to it. For example, you can improve necklace or occasionally hold his hand over the neckline.
Do not flirt with every man you see. Even if you just want to practice and not to attract the attention of his secret lover, flirt only with one guy. Otherwise you will give the impression of a frivolous girl.
To attract the attention of men, throw him quick glances, derivate him a slight smile. Don't despair if it won't come to you immediately or do not dare to speak with you. Maybe your partner is not interested in flirting or just couldn't understand your signals.
See the man in the eye, smiling a little. Your smile should be natural and not stretched. From time to time casually touch the fingers of your face, lips, correct hairstyle. Often in such cases, men also want to touch the skin and hair raketnitsa with them girls.
If the man spoke with you, continue to flirt. Listen closely to everything the other person says, demonstrate their interest. Watch his movements and from time to time otzerkalivat posture and gestures. Even if a man does not notice it, his subconscious will tell him the importance of your actions.