Internalize the Golden rule of flirting: is not the destination, and the process to be savored. The only way to learn how to flirt. If you are constantly thinking about how you are going to the registry office with any man, no tricks will not help in the task of attracting to itself the elementary attention.
To start the process come prepared. The main thing to be flawless in every detail. Nothing should bother you: no uncomfortable shoes, no enough the perfect hairstyle. First of all you need absolutely to please myself. Further work momentum.
Let it not seem strange to you, but be discreet. In the art of flirting excessive talkativeness. No need to spread the source all the details of your life. This leaves no room for imagination – the basics of the art of seduction.
Be considerate of the other person – let him feel that you really interested in what he says. Ask questions in which your counterpart feel very confident. It will be nice to show off your erudition, and you are given the opportunity to Express his admiration.
Smile. It is a universal tool, showing the location and openness. It is no obligation, no hints, but very helpful in establishing contact. This is the easiest step in the quest to learn how to flirt.
Use of visual contact. In the beginning of acquaintance, thrown at the man looks have to be fleeting. In the process, more thorough conversation, you can afford to hold the look a little longer. And don't forget the first to look away, if you meet views – so you allow a man to feel that first little victory.
Use situation is a "tool of flirtation as "mirroring" the gestures of the interlocutor.
Say the words "no" and the eyes and smile, "Yes." Uncertainty is the hook on which you need to give the man a firm foothold.