Pay attention to your appearance. Smooth, lightly tanned skin without acne and other defects, shiny hair and white smile will make it attractive even quite ordinary guy. If you possess these qualities you can't refer to the experts. The skin put in order dermatologist, teeth can make more beautiful with the help of a good dentist and system for whitening teeth at home. If you have thinning hair, just shave your head – many girls think it's sexy.
Review your closet. Wrinkled things vague gray-black color, candid cheap synthetics, sports wear as casual – all of this should break up. Classic blue jeans, light single-breasted suits of good fabric, shirt from quality cotton and fine knitwear is suitable for many, such clothing girls like.
Choose the right toilet water smell. According to psychologists, women prefer aromas with soft wood notes and a hint of musk. Stock up on chewing gum, often take a shower and change clothes. The girl must be nice near you. Do not overdo it – too much attention to their appearance is more likely to repel than to attract.
Be confident – it attracts and motivates. Make it clear to the girl that you and she will be nice and peaceful. In your society it should feel like the most important and most beautiful. Don't flirt with her friends and do not stare on the parties in search of more attractive objects. Your contacts with other girls keep secret.
Learn to give gifts and to do pleasant surprises. It is not in the value of the gift is important to give what you like a specific girl and make it in time. Forget about sleep sets purchased in the subway, comic Souvenirs and other unnecessary things. Better give her favorite candy or flowers, not the official date, and without a special occasion.
Learn to listen. If you are interested in how to attract the girl communicate with her, without taking the conversation to the topic that interests you. However, this does not mean that the partner is obliged to entertain you. Offer scenarios for a joint holiday you'll have.
Become an interesting person. You must have favorite places to stay, original hobby company, where you can invite a new friend. Do not hurry to lay out all the cards when we first met. Light innuendo, mystery, interesting, and perhaps romantic past – it's all very appealing to women.