To improve communication skills, should not be restricted to a certain circle of persons. Must be able to communicate with any person, whatever his character may be. Communicative skills are acquired when you learn to Express thoughts clearly and concisely. In any case do not interrupt the interlocutor and not criticize it, avoid sarcasm. All this will repel people.
No one likes the interlocutor in the conversation is trying to generate interest in his own person, absolutely not interested in the other person and not listening to him. Such people alienate, and to communicate with them at other times not want. Such "communication" and communication is difficult to call. In conversation you can always find a topic of interest to both. Try to read more and to develop intelligence, be informed of events and news, then you will always find what to talk about with others.
Some people because of the vicious nature have difficulties in establishing contacts and suffer from loneliness. The surrounding is also avoid such a person because of his isolation and unwillingness to communicate. If you possess such a character, often try to engage in a conversation. By doing this, you will cease to fear men.
Sometimes the cause of miscommunication of man is the fear of the rudeness of others. But this reaction is caused by a temporary irritation or bad mood of the interlocutor. Do not worry if you meet a rude answer, and don't take up this person in a bad mood.
To conciliate the people, learn to give a compliment. This will cause human sympathy and a companionship.
Don't forget to smile. She's a friend in the process of improving communication skills. A sincere smile has people to fellowship and uplifting. A result of these rules, you will easily find contact with people and achieve in life considerable success.