You will need
  • - cut the steel wire;
  • - a small piece of sheet metal;
  • - a box of the cream;
  • - oil paint;
  • - cardboard;
  • - linen buttons;
  • - thick paper;
  • glue;
  • tools.
Take a round box with a lid. You can take a plastic box of cream or powder. No plastic - take the metal from the Shoe. Otoshita it, remove mill scale and paint with oil paint.
With the help of a compass will watertite cardboard bottom (the circle on the inner diameter of the box). Cut it and make a smooth hole in the center with a size of 2 mm. Fasten it to the clothes line button so that the bottom was a projecting part of the button.
From construction paper make kartoshku (its diameter is also equal to the diameter of boxes), paint paint and cut. Connected to the bottom, and the bottom set in a box. Make a collar of cardboard and smeared with glue, tightly set in a jar. Firmly press.
Make a side below the top edge of the box by 5-6 mm. Cut plexiglass round for glazing the compassand make the center hole and insert the second clothes line button, convex part up. Secure the glazing on the edge with spring rings, made of steel wire. Linen buttons thrust bearings, in which rotates the axis of the arrow.
Make the axis arrows of the wire, which can rotate freely in the thrust bearings. The ends of the axis treated with a mill file and a whetstone to sharpen knives.
Take a plate, make her the arrow. In the finished arrow to punch a hole that the axle was sitting tight. Take the axle in your hand and check that the arrow is balanced or not. If necessary to file an outweighing the end of the file. Remove the arrow with the axis and magnetize it. First, at one end of the arrow make the needle marking the letter N, then take the magnet and its South pole (usually indicated by a red color) swipe from center to the end of the arrow. Then repeat the procedure on the other hand, only the North pole. Repeat all several times.
Set the arrow on the axis – it will occupy a certain position and will show to the North. Install the axle bearings and compass ready.