You will need
  • computer;
  • - the program "Compass";
  • - Paint;
  • Microsoft Picture Manager.
If you need to copy the part of the pattern, you must first select it. Then press Ctrl+Incert. Then, using main menu create a new document. There paste the copied part with the keys Shift+Insert. Now unable to work with her.
There is no other way of doing it. On the top panel directly in the program there are two icon: "Copy" and "Paste". With their help, you can also perform the desired operation.
The easiest way to copy a drawing in "the Compass" is to save it as a picture and then open with Paint or Microsoft Picture Manager. Then, select the part you want to copy and save it. Then open this image in Compass.
You can also use alternative. If you need to copy the image from the program, for example, for use in the presentation demo will proceed as follows: press Shift+PrintScreen (on some keyboard layouts use the name just PrtScr or Print). Next, open the Paint editor. Click the right mouse button, and then click "Paste" then crop out the unnecessary parts (edges) and save the image.