You will need
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership of the property;
  • - the contract on acquisition of real estate;
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance of real estate;
  • - the payment documents confirming the fact of payment of costs (commodity and cash vouchers, receipts, Bank statements and other loan documents);
  • help 2-NDFL;
  • - the "Declaration";
  • – passport;
  • – certificate of VAT;
  • - The tax code of the Russian Federation;
  • - power of attorney to obtain a deduction (if the property equity);
  • - act for the purchase of materials;
  • - certificate of completion (if the repair was carried out the construction team).
Please note that the property deduction can be granted only once a year, at a cost not in excess of 130 000 rubles. Another condition that must be met is the payment of personal income tax. That is the person applying for the refund of the money must work to pay 13% tax from your income. Generally, income tax is withheld by the employer. Inquire with the company where you perform your duties under the employment contract, a certificate. It prescribed amount of wages for the preceding six months. The document is certified by the company seal, signed by the Director, chief accountant.
Complete the Declaration. On the jobs tab conditions specify the number of the tax authority, a Declaration type, which when receiving a deduction equal to the 3-pit. Confirm existing income certificate 2-NDFL from the place of your work. Enter your personal information, then enter details of the passport, including its number, a series of code units. Write the address of the residence, including postcode, telephone number (home, mobile).
Write on the tab revenue the name of the organization where you work. Specify force of the company. After pressing the button "+" enter the amount of your earnings in accordance with the certificate for each month of the semiannual period.
Now click on the tab of a property deduction. Write the form of the acquisition of real estate (as a rule, the contract of purchase and sale, less investment). Specify the type of housing (house, apartment, room share in them). Enter the type of property. If the property equity, a cooperative, every shareholder Declaration is made, provided the deduction in proportion to the share of the owner of the dwelling. If you wish to receive a deduction, one of the owners written authorization for the second owner of the property, certified by a notary public.
Write in full address of location of property sold. Enter the date the transfer of home ownership from the seller (in accordance with the contract of sale, deed of assignment). Specify the date of registration of ownership of the apartment, house, room in accordance with the evidence. After clicking "proceed to enter an amount" enter in the column value of the property the amount of money spent. To do this, add up all the checks, receipts, including spent for the purchase of materials, payment of construction works. Print out the Declaration. Attach all documentation. Complete the statement with the tax authority, provide the documents to the inspecting officer. After about 4 months the money will be deposited into your Bank account.