If the access point located in a public place, the easiest way to obtain the key in a wlan, having learned it from the staff. That the network is protected from free access, does not mean that the owner prohibits its use. In many cafes and fast food restaurants password can be set in order for the service not used by customers of neighboring establishments or tenants on the floor above. Wi-fi networks have limited bandwidth and if your network will be underthe key tobe used indiscriminately, it will not be able to use those for whom it is intended.
If you have access to a wireless router (for example visiting friends or girlfriends), you can see the key in the wlan router. Go to the admin panel of the router from the computer, underthe keyannago to a wireless network, go to the settings tab. Locate the box labeled key, write down or copy its contents. Enter this key into the device you want underthe keyit to wifi.
If the router password is unknown, and there is nobody who could tell the key to wlan, you can try to pick up the key with the help of special programs. Too much can be done sequentially or in the dictionary. The selection of a password can take a long time. Keep in mind that the owner of the network can be considered an attempt to pick up the key as a hacker attack and to take counter-measures. For the foreseeable future, brute force really only a short hack WEPkeyI. If the network is secure long keyom WPA or PSK, to pick up value will not work.
The most difficult and unsafe option to find out the key is wlan hacking wireless network. Use this method only if absolutely necessary. Note: hacking of computer networks is a criminal offence. Article 272 of the criminal code prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years. Program and information on hacking networks, you can find on specialized sites and forums.