You will need
  • - sharp knife / blade;
  • - thread.
Please note that most species of ficus like bright place but not direct sunlight. When the place for the plant has been selected correctly and provided with adequate care, he develops a strong root system, fast enough to be new leaves.
Be sure to note that ficus is propagated in the spring. Taken this time of year the shoots will grow stronger for the winter and your little ficus is much calmer and will take the winter cold. March and April is the best time.
To take process, you must choose a strong and healthy plant. The stalk, for example, you can cut the formation of the crown of the adult tree. Make sure that the stalk is present, the kidney growth of the next leaf.
The process should be about 10-15 cm long. Take a sharp knife or razor blade and cut it on the bias under the node. Do not use scissors, don't try to tear the stem with your hands. So you only injure the tissues that hamper its further rooting.
Please note that if the multiplication of large -, for example, ficus lyrate, or ficus elastica, the handle has a 2-3 slate. The bottom sheet is cut off, and the rest of the wrap into a tube and lock thread. This is necessary in order to minimize evaporation from the leaves during rooting. The processes of the small-leaved varieties, the lower leaves also should be carefully removed.
On-site cut and removed the leaves appear a milky juice, which quickly freezes in the air and slows down the process of appearance of roots. So as soon as possible rinse it under warm running water or place the cutting in water for 1-2 hours. Then, depending on the chosen method of rooting, you can either change the water or dry the stalk.