East Asia – the birthplace of the squad vukasovich plants. In the wild, ficus can grow to giant size, it is bred on plantations for the production of rubber for industrial purposes. Indoor - decorative plant with broad glossy leaves of dark green color. To the touch the leaves are firm.

Toy flower

Unfortunately, most types of home ficus tree does not bloom. Blooming ficus can be seen only in the Botanical garden, and even then, if you're lucky. It is rare, but still flowering species are the lyre-shaped ficus, Ficus Benjamin, Bengali, and dwarf. These plants have a truly beautiful flowers that seem toy. Very elastic and the buds are as solid as if lacquered petals admire the elegance and brevity. The flower is nothing extra: large cupped petals have the color transition from dark core to light, almost white rim.

Bud often yellow, but the flowers are from bright orange to light yellow and milky color with a contrasting middle, which in some species is smooth, like a bead, and some are covered with small villi.

Ficus blooms only in perfect conditions. Throwing Bud, he seemed to stay warm for a week, sometimes two, and then – usually at night – spreading flower. An open Cup of the flower lasts no more than 3-4 days, after which all the petals fall off again. However, growers enthusiasts claim that this plant with its varnished leaves can decorate the interior of any apartment, not even blooming.


Care for a ficus tree is simple, but regular. First of all, we need to find a place where the plant will be comfortable, ie with good lighting but no direct sunlight and the formation of drafts.

There is an inviolable rule in the care of ficus: the higher the room temperature, the more light it needs to flower. If possible, in summer you can make it to the loggia and put in a shaded area.

Another rule of proper care is timely watering of the plants. Summer can't allow that between waterings the soil in the pot was cracked, and in winter - do not fill with water. The plant is thermophilic. So watering only warm water. Very useful to wash the ficus a shower, after closing the soil film. After the shower he dries himself in the bathroom, and then put in place. This is to ensure that Bush doesn't get hypothermic and started to drop leaves.

Propagation ficus at home method of grafting. For this fit young shoots nesuderinama with two or three nodes for future shoots.

The growth of young ficus transplanted it with the replacement soil. Older plants are upgrading only the top layer of soil. In the spring, to form the crown of the ficus, cut the long shoots.