Wait until spring to root cuttings of ficus. In this case, the young shoots will have plenty of time to get stronger until the autumn. There are several ways to plant a ficus. For ficus Benjamin cuttings suitable.
Cut off from the adult plant multiple tops with a length of about 10cm. Choose twigs that are already half stiff. Cut on the bias with a knife just below a node.
Remove the lower leaves and shoots. If the rest of the cutting has large leaves, cut them in half.
Rinse the cuttings with warm water to wash away the white SAP exuding from the cut. Then let them dry out, you can leave it for a couple of hours.
Choose a dark container, pour it in warm water, dissolve in it a piece of charcoal or a tablet of activated charcoal and place the cuttings. Make sure that the lower leaves are not in water.
Place the container in a bright place, avoiding direct sunlight.
Provide humidity to 80% and temperatures above 25º C. With this, you can cover the tank with a film jar or a plastic box, creating a kind of hothouse.
Follow the water level in the tank and pour as needed. After 3-4 weeks you should see roots, after which the cuttings can be planted in a light soil.
Can root cuttings in sand or peat. Rinse, Pat dry and sprinkle the cut cuttings charcoal. Plant the cutting in sand or peat, deepening it by about one knot. Cover the pot with plastic film to create a greenhouse effect. Periodically watering to the sand was wet. From time to time remove the pack to keep the plants ventilated. After the appearance of the first shoots, the film can shoot more often, and then just remove and ship the young plant in the correct soil.