You will need
  • Power calculation a power supply.
If you follow the hardware market, we can see the rise of the productivity of modern innards of the computer. For each past year, at least 2 new items. The frequency of these updates, as a rule, increases from 1.5 to 2 times. Accordingly, the units of power are forced to increase their capacity. Today, the unit power supply to 500W is no longer powerful. Appeared blocks power supply to 1500W. Logically, you can find out why increased capacity of computer devices. The appearance of 2, 3, 4-nuclear processors increased power consumption from 90W to 160W. New graphics cards also have high costs of power. It is on this factor is worth paying attention to.
To calculate a suitable power future unit power, you need to calculate all the components of your computer and lay down their power consumption. Take into account the number of processor cores, whether dual graphics card or you will be a regular option. The latest version of motherboards also consume more power than models of the old sample.
The best option is the calculation of power unit 's power via the online calculator. Such services are now on the Internet an immense amount. A feature of these calculators is that when you choose a specific model of a device, the program considers the volume of this device, not one that was stated on the label. For example, one time in shops it was possible to stumble across a block of power with the power of 440W, and his real power was 390W. The fact that the number 440 was part of the model name goods. This has misled many buyers.