You will need
  • - screwdriver.
View the technical documentation of the computer where you have to register the configuration settings specifying the device models. Also, the specification may be separate for each piece of equipment.
If you for some reason can't see the computer's documentation, use the alternative. Armed with a screwdriver or a screwdriver and Unscrew the bolts holding the housing side wall.
Carefully inspect the contents of the system unit, locate the unit power. It is located on the right side on the rear wall of the housing in the form of a large box with radiating plumes.
Carefully consider the unit of power, it must be stickers containing information about the manufacturer, model, basic parameters of the device. Usually these stickers glue so that users could easily read the information, but sometimes it also happens that they are placed on the bottom or top side.
In this case disconnect all leads of the power from devices inside the computer, carefully pull them over the base, while making a preliminary sketch wiring diagrams of circuits of the power supply to the motherboard. Unscrew all fasteners that hold the unit 's power and remove it from the housing.
Also try to find out information using a systematic approach, but it is not always effective. Download and install Aida or any other similar utility purposes.
Open it, the system will collect information about your hardware configuration and give it to you after a certain amount of time. In fact, the driver unit power supply is not installed, so learn its parameters in this way would be almost impossible, but worth a try.