You will need
  • — power supply unit;
  • capacitors;
  • — chokes;
  • — three assemblies;
  • diode;
  • — soldering iron.
Open the power supply and estimate its technical characteristics. To do this, it is enough to gently remove the metal housing. You need to know that self-revision at home may be subjected exclusively to that unit, the transformer which has dimensions of not less than 3 x 3 x 3 cm
Replace the high-voltage large capacitors. It is recommended to install in the power supply those that have a capacity of at least 470мкф x 200V. In the low-voltage part supply chokes, which can be obtained in several ways. For example, try yourself on a ferrite ring to wrap the wire with lacquer insulation. Or remove the chokes with the old, the used and unnecessary power supplies.
Now respeite smoothing capacitors in the voids that are in the low-voltage side of the power supply to fill them. To increase the power to make three capacitors. They must meet certain parameters, namely to have the capacity 2200мкф x 16V.
Replace diode Assembly. To do this, desolder the conclusions of the Assembly and carefully pull it out of the plastic holder, taking care not to prevent attacks on the rectifier unit. Next, clean the installation area is free from residue of epoxy resin. Install a new two or three assemblies, for example MOSPEC S30D40 or similar type, they can be purchased in a specialty store. Glue the body diode Assembly to the holder with epoxy resin.
Reduce the voltage of the second, dvenadtsatiperstnoi channel in the power supply. To do this, solder high speed silicon switching diode. Be sure to turn off power at 0.6 V, if this is not done, the computer will be under harmful excessive voltage. If you complete all the steps correctly, updated the computer will work faster and better, and will last another few years.