The more powerful "stuffing" of the computer, the stronger the need the power supply. Usually, the manufacturer says, power on the unit on a sticker. To find out the required power there are various online services. ASUS on its website has the appropriate form to fill and the program will display the desired value on the basis of the maximum possible power consumption of the computer components.
Go to the service page. Motheboard in field, select Desktop (if you are using a home desktop) or Server (if testing is performed for the server).
In the CPU tab, specify the settings the manufacturer of your processor. In the "Select Vendor" to specify the engine's manufacturer, CPU Type select the CPU family, and in the "Select CPU", specify the model itself.
In the VGA Card section, specify the values for the video card in the computer, where the Vendor - manufacturer of ATI or Nvidia, and in the "Select VGA" indicates the model of the video card, which you can see in the control panel driver Board (the right key on "My computer" - "Properties" - "device Manager - "display Adapters").
In the Memory Module, specify the type of memory (DDR, DDRII, DDRIII).
From the Storage menu, specify the number of Devices connected to the computer device for recording and reading. In the USB section, specify the connected USB devices. In paragraph 1394 note the additional charges for video capture, and select an existing PCI device (Modem, Network (LAN), Audio, and other PCI card - number of network devices and sound cards connected to the PCI slot in the motherboard and SCSI card – number of cards to connect SCSI bridge).
The program will automatically give the optimal value, which must be indicated on the sticker of the power supply. Otherwise, the unit should be replaced by a more powerful service computer repair.