The easiest and most reliable way to learn the power of your unit supply is to open the side cover of the system unit (computer case) and find a medium size box, from where departs most of the wires. This will be your PSU. The location of the unit in the computer case may vary depending on the shape and configuration of the hull, but basically, BP is in the upper left part of the system unit. In the bottom of the housing units are quite rare and mostly is the gaming model of the buildings.
Note the hull unit power. Every self-respecting manufacturer is required to paste a sticker with all necessary data on the unit power. Often there is indicated not only power consumption, but the voltage of certain nodes. Sometimes you may not even need the stickers and the power of writing in nice large letters somewhere on the side of the unit power supply.
If you do not see on the body of his block of power no identifying markings, then you might want to throw a block and replace it with another, because the lack of information on BP – a sign that it was produced by artisanal methods, if not, then just on a little-known plant with poor equipment. But from block power directly affects the security of all other computer components. The slightest voltage drop "artisanal" unit goes down, feeding destructive high voltage on the motherboard that can lead to failure of the CPU, graphics card, memory modules, etc.
View the invoice that you were given when you purchased your computer, if you need to know power unit the powerand open the casing impossible. Or take the system unit in service center on diagnostics – rather, they are able to determine the brand of your unit supply without opening the case.
Do not try to find a program that could show you information on the power of your BP – such programs do not exist and cannot exist for the reason that in the usual units of power do not install the sensors the readings of which could be considered a program. The only exceptions are special "overlockers" the unit model powerdesigned to further "boost". In this case, the program will be accompanied by a disk in a box with power supply.