The selection of power UPS

Choose the desired UPS should be calculated from the power consumption of the hardware. Battery power should be 20-30% higher than the similar performance of your computer system. For the selection of optimal source of energy is not necessary to calculate the system power consumption, power supply, graphics card etc. is Sufficient to estimate the performance of your machine.

So, for standard computer configurations (e.g., dual-core processor and the GPU 350 VA) UPS power 1000 – 1500 VA. Such a device would be sufficient to ensure uninterrupted power and protection against sudden power surges.
If you computer gaming configurations, you should pick up a more powerful UPS (1500 and above).

If you can't determine the power of your hardware, visit the website of the manufacturer of the UPS and the use or selection of a suitable model online. You only need to indicate the approximate configuration of your equipment.

Type UPS

The most simple and inexpensive will become a reserve UPS, which operates primarily in the saving mode in the case of a power surge will instantly switch to internal battery. This type will be a reliable protection for a typical computer and standard mains electricity.

However, if you experience frequent surges in your home network, you must pay attention to the line-interactive UPS with voltage regulator. This power supply much faster will switch to the battery. The device has a long service life and protection from sudden drops.

The most serious surge protection provide online UPS that are working in continuous mode and generate a stable energy in the process of a computer, providing constant power. This type of device is certainly effective but also the most expensive.

Purchase of online UPS for home is usually unjustified and in most cases it is better to save and purchase a standby or line-interactive power supply.
The cost of a UPS can be determined by battery life (battery capacity), power and type of food.

When buying a UPS, you should choose models that have software that will allow you to keep running programs. In case of a sudden shutdown of the device will reveal all running programs again.