Advice 1: How to choose the system unit

There comes a time when you realize that your old system unit is simply "exhausted", and it's time to find a replacement. Based on the fact that in addition to system unit no monitor, no keyboard, mouse does not need to be replaced, you can update the main part of your computer.
System unit and monitor
Nowadays the system unit ceased to be a standard steel box, which is just the place, under the table. Today in computer stores have a wide range of system units of various shapes and sizes. To navigate in them and try to determine for yourself what you expect from the new system unit.
If you have the decisive role played by size, then choose a compact model system units. Such devices will be the size of a regular book, the functionality of such models will not differ from their larger counterparts. In addition, the compact system units do not emit such a noise as a regular model. It makes sense to buy these computers, if the space on your Desk is limited, or you do not like the noise of large sistemnika.
If you periodically do an upgrade (upgrade components of the system unit) or plan in the future to do such things, should look at the system blocks of standard sizes. Such models allow you to have quick access to the insides of the computer, giving the ability to easily swap or add a hard drive, RAM and other components. In this case, choose a system unit that opens easily with special clips. Some system units can also be equipped with special mounts like a hard drive, and other devices. Work to upgrade these sistemnika not require you have a screwdriver.
If you the most important your computer's performance, you should select a system unit, which will have to its credit modern high-performance processor, large RAM, powerful video card, huge hard drive and good sound card.
Housing take the aluminum from a good manufacturer with a large number of fans and not cheap. approximately 3500-5500 RUB such as Thermaltake or CoolerMaster. The power supply to 700-750 watts. The monitor is widescreen 16:9 no less than 24" with the matrix of PWA MVA.
Useful advice
Buying a modern computer is a very important event. In any other subject contains such a large number of different combinations of expensive components. Let's start with the choice of the system unit and finish with a selection of peripherals. First of all, you need to decide for what purpose You need a computer.

Advice 2 : How to choose desktop computer

Perhaps nothing is more subject to non-mechanical wear, like a computer. Every year the market of more advanced models with more RAM, a new type of hard drive and motherboard. And technology with a decade of experience additional RAM to load a new game. One solution is to buy a new computer.
How to choose desktop computer
You will need
  • Directory of electronics, computer with Internet connection.
To select the computer it is necessary to determine its main purpose: gaming, work or computer for the home. If you use your computer certain requirements, order the building of the computer "to your taste". Better day to wait than to take to the store, that is.
When choosing a gaming computer the main component is the video card. Choose a separate video card with active cooling. The more of it the cooler, the quieter it will run the card itself. Moreover, the amount of memory for games is not critical, so pay attention to the memory speed. For example, a faster card with dynamic memory DDR5 than DDR3. A recognized leader in this category are graphics card Asus.
Office the machines will be enough integrated graphics card that comes as part of a hybrid processor. Do not try to buy a powerful power supply unit. To complete the work of any modern model is sufficient unit with the capacity of 400-450 Watts.
When choosing a model for home to Internet access, chatting, watching movies, name the amount you are willing to spend, and the store you will select the best option.
To build a powerful and silent model will not work because of the work coolers. But keep in mind that the cooler located at the bottom of the PSU (120mm), noise is less than the cooler mounted in the rear of the block (80 mm).
If your goal is not a heavy duty computer, not necessarily to pay more for Intel. If you want to get powerful, fast-acting computer for the best price, choose an AMD processor.
When selecting a motherboard is preferable to choose brands Asus and Gigabyte. From other manufacturers, they have high reliability and constant release BIOS updates to support equipment.
Choose a motherboard with integrated graphics regardless of the individual, it will retain the functionality of the computer in case of failure of the primary graphics card.
You should not rely on a large number of ports, displays, sophisticated design of the motherboard. What design is simpler, the fee reliable. Please note only the capacitors on the Board - they must be solid.
When choosing RAM, don't pursue quantity. To buy, for example, internal memory 16 GB just pointless even for a gaming computer. It is only slightly improve performance, but will reduce the reliability of the computer. For a gaming machine it will be enough 8 GB for home computer – 4 GB, desktop computer is enough for 2 GB.
Currently, with the development of the Internet has eliminated the need of downloading voluminous files such as movies and games. So the hard drive with a storage capacity of 512 GB will be enough. Moreover, disks with a large memory are more complex in design, are heated more respectively, and fail faster.
When selecting the optical disc drive will be sufficient to DVD-RW. Blu-ray drive to buy is pointless, because all the advantages of this format can only be seen on huge screens.
It remains to choose the system block. For office suit more classic version, and for the house - it will all depend on your imagination.
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