Nowadays the system unit ceased to be a standard steel box, which is just the place, under the table. Today in computer stores have a wide range of system units of various shapes and sizes. To navigate in them and try to determine for yourself what you expect from the new system unit.
If you have the decisive role played by size, then choose a compact model system units. Such devices will be the size of a regular book, the functionality of such models will not differ from their larger counterparts. In addition, the compact system units do not emit such a noise as a regular model. It makes sense to buy these computers, if the space on your Desk is limited, or you do not like the noise of large sistemnika.
If you periodically do an upgrade (upgrade components of the system unit) or plan in the future to do such things, should look at the system blocks of standard sizes. Such models allow you to have quick access to the insides of the computer, giving the ability to easily swap or add a hard drive, RAM and other components. In this case, choose a system unit that opens easily with special clips. Some system units can also be equipped with special mounts like a hard drive, and other devices. Work to upgrade these sistemnika not require you have a screwdriver.
If you the most important your computer's performance, you should select a system unit, which will have to its credit modern high-performance processor, large RAM, powerful video card, huge hard drive and good sound card.