You will need
  • data recipient;
  • - passport;
  • - the money for the transfer and payment of a fee.
Specify the recipient data. You want his name and surname, the exact name of the city. This is enough to transfer through the international transfer system. If you want to transfer money to a Bank account, you will need the Bank details of the recipient, its exact name and SWIFT code assigned to financial institutions mandatory.
Deciding to transfer money through a Bank, pre-check prices on the websites of the banks or on the phone. Contact the selected institution and open an account. Fill out the payment order, specifying the currency in which you want to do the translation. The easiest way to choose the Euro, moreover, the required amount can be withdrawn and exchanged directly at the Bank. Deposit in cash the amount necessary for the transfer and pay a fee for the transfer. Don't forget to take a receipt and alert the recipient about the date of the transfer. Keep in mind that it can take from two days to a week, depending on the system of work of a particular Bank.
If the money receiver is needed urgently, use one of the systems of international transfers. To transfer funds to Italy prepared, for example, Western Union or Contact. Before sending the update on the website or from the man himself, living in Italy, whether they have appropriate nearby office where you can obtain the money. If Yes, then in Russia, in your city find a Bank or post office, collaborating with Western Union or point of reception of payments Contact.
Complete the form, which you will need to specify the name, surname and place of residence of the beneficiary - the city and country. The easiest way to transfer money in euros. To pre-purchase them is not necessary - the Bank itself will count your rubles at the exchange rate. Will receive a unique order number, which must inform the recipient. Plus of these systems is that the transfer of money is done almost instantly. The cost of the service depends on the transferred amount and starts from ten dollars.