You will need
  • - mesh on the base;
  • - flax, twigs, moss, grass, rags, hemp, bast;
  • - paint and brush.
In creating the camouflage nets, there is one distinct advantage of such a mesh will not be none, and most importantly, it will meet all your needs. To get started, buy a basis. It will fit almost any mesh, any focus. It may be an ordinary rope or a fishing network of nylon filaments, but in any case do not take based on the line - nothing happens. So, the texture chosen, we now turn to the meter.
Take enough material selected bases. To make the scrim as it should, need the space. So feel free to take a four-meter (more or less – depends on your body type) and start doing the creative and responsible part.
Weave in the blank with a camouflage detail. Knowledgeable people use flax, natural camouflage (branches, moss, grass), rags, hemp, bast and others. You have to choose something more soul.
You had the preliminary work, be patient, start to weave a disguise in the network. Do it in the order in which you are more comfortable. However, you will need try to tie each brush in the middle, and asymmetrically, so that one end was much longer than the other, but not to the point of absurdity, of course. The advantage of this attachment is a better visibility of the surrounding space through the finished camouflage network.
Workpiece length for brush make 20 see Engage the tape in each free square, without missing a single cell. If you choose for your homemade camouflage net branches, collect only the most subtle. Thick branches are unprofitable to puff up and will not create the effect of a single canvas. Other materials are more easy to work, because it has a soft texture.
In order to determine the number of woven material, remember that masking a network should not look like a balloon. Therefore, for each brush take a small amount of material. For small mesh width of the brush must be of a thickness of a little finger, large - with the two middle fingers. Engage and capture a replica of the brush firmly, not to lose the fruits of your labor down the road.
At the final stage of creating a disguise take dye better resistant, suitable for deep dyeing of the fabric. Use the brush to paint his creation in typical colours: green, grey, brown.
Camouflage network ready. Need to hurry to upgrade!