Advice 1: How to find the path to the oasis in the game Stalker: call of Pripyat"

The task of the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat, called Oasis, has a high level of complexity. The very essence of the task is quite simple, but it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.
How to find the path to the oasis in the game Stalker: call of Pripyat"
An oasis in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat - a task that can easily take from Professor Ozersky. The point of this side quest is to find the Oasis and bring the Professor proof that you have been there. Of course, the player can ask about the Oasis of the various in-game characters, but in fact it does not give any sense.

The path to the Oasis

To find an Oasis, you must go to the Ventilation complex, which is located in the vicinity of the plant "Jupiter". You need to find the entrance that leads into the tunnels. You will need to go to complex is not from the main parties and not with the ground part of the complex, and from there, where is the railway embankment.

The entrance to the basement would be a small building, which is a bit left in the ground. Once you get into the room, on the way you can meet the small mutants like zombies or jerboa. To deal with them easily and quickly.

When you get to the boarded up opening, you must break the boards covering the passage, and in the appeared doorway you need to turn right and go up to the closed door. Far from it there is a tube where you have to go and crawl through it. After you get out of it, you will see another pipe, similar to the previous one, only with straps. Then these procedures must be repeated until a closed pipe. As soon as you meet her, you can safely turn left and follow the corridor to the end. Eventually you will reach a room with columns, where you need to solve the mystery.

The solution of the puzzle

This room is a small puzzle game. If you just try to go through it, then you just teleport back. In the end, it is necessary to solve a small task. In order to complete the job and go directly into the Oasis you need in each horizontal row of the columns to detect a slight shimmering rain. After the order you'll find them all, you will get the coveted spot. Search artifact does not have to - it is on the tree branch.

Should be on the lookout, because once you pick up, you attack the psy-dog. In the end, I can proudly go back to the Professor and to report on the performance of the job. For this, he will offer you to either keep the artifact was found, or will pay you 7000. You can take both, using a small bug in the game.

Advice 2 : Where to find the oasis in the game STALKER call of Pripyat

Mysterious Oasis is one of the legends light and dark and inhospitable Zone of Alienation. They say that it heals all wounds, that there reigns peace and quiet and even the monsters are friendly to man. So whether it is, to figure out the player.
Where to find the oasis in the game STALKER call of Pripyat

Search Oasis on earth

When in his walks through the Area you will visit the bunker of scientists, Professor Ozersky will give your hero the quest to find the mysterious Oasis. To get at least some information about him, ask around about it of stalkers from the different factions. Of these inquiries, you learn that the Oasis is definitely there, but his whereabouts remain a mystery.

The most likely place to find him would be the ventilation complex. Examining a large area, you will not be able to get inside, though obviously have some room.

Having failed, turn West and walk to the old depot. Go inside and look around. For normal stop here, too many doors and monsters, so look for those passages that lead down. Shoot or smash with a knife boarded up the door and engaged in battle with the zombified stalkers for her.

Search Oasis underground

The fights in the tunnels are characterized by high tensions. Zombified stalkers wearing exoskeleton and armed with a powerful weapon. Shooting case, it would be difficult to harm them, and their response queue capable of breaking a player in the tunnel apart. The best option is aiming to beat the queues them in the head, however, everything is not so simple. Infesting these tunnels jerboa and strive to stick you in the leg, knocking sight. The player will have to spin, aiming at a zombie and having to shoot a nimble monsters.

Passing through the living barrier of the monsters from all the passages, choose those that are down and to the East, to the ventilation complex. Ending your walks will be a corridor with emergency light, where you'll find the AutoSave.

Enter a dark hall with rows of columns. In order to reach the end of the hall, you need to choose the right passage between them. In case of failure, you will teleport to the room with emergency lamp.

In order to pass through the hall to the end, go as follows: go through 1 row of columns 2 through the passage on the left. In confirmation that you did everything right, passed the arch will begin to glow a ghostly glow. 2 columns 4 pass through the passage on the left. 3 the number of columns you can go through the 3 pass. The last 4 a number of, go through 1 arch.

You will now enter a large room where in the middle in a puddle of water is a strange glowing plant. Coming closer, you will be able to identify it as an artifact "Heart of Oasis".

Tear the artifact and rush to the stairs leading upstairs. Pay no attention to pop monster – he is immortal and your only salvation is in speed. Climbing the stairs puts you out of reach of the creature. Climb to the exit and tell the Professor Ozersky about the Oasis.
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