Today everyone knows how to use Skype, but not everyone can correctly pick a webcamera, necessary in a particular case. Moreover, the market offers these devices in large numbers.

There are the desktop or built in laptop and tablet Webcams. They differ in the level of attachment, a method of transmitting data resolution matrix. The last option for the average user is the main, since it is from the resolution depends on how clear will be the image blurry you will see the person or clearly. It is necessary to look at the number of pixels a specific web camera. The smallest – 0.3 megapixel – offer the most low-cost devices. Choosing a web camera it is better to start with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, this will help increase the likelihood of transmission of the image more or less "tolerable" level, suitable for video even in conditions of low General illumination.

An important parameter when selecting a webcam is the quality of the microphone. Many device have built-in microphone, eliminating the need to purchase it additionally. However, the microphone should work well, otherwise it will affect your communication. Well, if in store you will test the microphone. It needs to transmit the sound clearly and without interference, otherwise, the device purchased should not be.

When buying a web camera please note which operating system compatible device software. For example, EasyCam offers a universal web camera to be installed in any OS. If you use the Mac operating system, then pay special attention to this parameter, since many Webcams designed exclusively for Windows.

When choosing a web camera think, for what purpose will serve you this device. If exclusively for communication over the Internet, it is not necessary to overpay for additional options, such as zoom. There are web cameras that when you install require launch drivers. They should not be feared. Nothing complicated in the installation process there.

In recent times very popular web camera that connects over wi-fi, as they allow you to place the device anywhere in the room. However, their cost is higher than that of devices connecting to the computer via USB.

The cost of web cameras starts from 300 rubles. Best companies manufacturers in this rynochnoi this segment are Logitech, Microsoft, Genius, A4-Tech, Philips, Creative, Dialog. With all the options you can choose the best webcam for yourself.