Aragocrete main menu of the browser. In the list "Settings" select "General settings". Also, this menu can be accessed by pressing the key combination Ctrl+F12. In the dialog, navigate to the "Advanced" tab and find under "Contents". Check the box next to "Enable JavaScript" and go to its settings to mark optional parameters. Here you can set permissions for JavaScript to perform certain actions. For example, to automatically set focus or change the size of the Windows.
Internet ExplorerЧтобы to launch a browser, you should find its shortcut in the list of "All programs" main menu "start". Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of Internet Explorer window. Go to "Internet options" and click on the "Security" tab. Locate the icon for "Internet", highlight it with the mouse and click the that appears below the Other button. In the pop-up window with security options, find "scripting of JavaScript applications" and activate it. Confirm the operation and save the settings.
Google Homenajea on the wrench icon in the browser. Go to "Settings". In the left pane of the window that appears, select "Advanced". In the field "Setting private data" click the button "content Settings". Enable all sites in the JavaScript language, noting relevant paragraphs. Click OK and close the properties tab of the browser
Mozilla FirefoxЗайдите in the menu "Settings" and select "Content". In the window that appears, activate the JavaScript function. A dialog box will appear where you must confirm saving the settings.
Restart page web site after you enable JavaScript. To do this, press the appropriate button or press F5.