To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, on the menu bar, select "Tools" - "Internet options". In the opened window select the "Security" tab and click below the slider that displays the "security Level for this zone", click "Other". In a new window "security Settings – Internet zone" using the scroll bar find the section "Scripts".
In the group "Active scripting", check the box next to "enable". Just below, check the same check box in the "scripting of Java applications". Click OK to confirm the changes, then click "Apply" in the properties window of the browser. The prompted whether you want to apply changes for this zone, answer Yes and click OK again. So turn on JavaScript in IE 8.0.
In the browser Opera any version of JavaScript included in the menu "Tools" - "General settings". Select this item and in the opened window go to the "Advanced" tab. To the left of this tab, select "Content" to the right will be a box with several checkboxes, including "enable JavaScript". Tick it.
Further to the right you will see a button "Customize JavaScript". By pressing it, you will see a window with additional settings that govern the actions that you need to allow for Java. Put a check mark in the checkboxes of JavaScript customizations at your own discretion and click OK to confirm the changes.
In the latest version of the browser became available more easy way to enable JavaScript. You can just go to the menu "Tools" - "Quick setup" in the drop down list check the box next to "Enable JavaScript". If you want to add additional permissions to the scripts, you will have to use the algorithm described in the previous steps.
The easiest way to enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox. As in Opera, click the main menu item "Tools", select "Settings" and in the opened window go to the tab "Content". In the upper block of checkboxes, check the box next to "enable JavaScript". Using the adjacent button "Advanced", set the required permissions for JavaScript by clicking the check boxes in the corresponding checkboxes, and click OK twice to confirm.