In life there are many situations where the woman may experience feelings of guilt towards her own husband: someone rashly cheated on her husband, someone secret from him had an abortion, and someone fathered by another man, assuring the husband that the child is his mother. And every day now have to live with the idea that the person you deceived. Well, if it is possible to ease the burden of guilt, sharing with someone from close friends of the situation. Sometimes it is quite how to talk to a person you completely trust.
But it so happens that even to complain to someone simply is not possible – so scared and ashamed for his actions. In this case, it is best to seek help from a professional psychologist. Specialist will listen to you, will give practical advice that will ease your situation.
The most simple and effective means of deliverance from overwhelming feelings of guilt is to tell your spouse about your actions and sincerely apologize. In this case, your soul is cleansed of guilt, and you will be able to go further. However, this advice applies only in the case if your relationship is strong and secure and you are fully confident in a positive reaction from your partner. More often there are situations when after hearing the man did not want to deal with you, the relationship will be irretrievably lost. In this case, you should definitely apologize, but only mentally.
Need to give vent to his feelings, throw on paper all the emotions associated with the problem, don't miss a single detail. Write down why you feel guilty, what is its essence. Reread and don't forget to destroy the sheet of paper to never see or think about an unpleasant situation. So you take a step to gradually get rid of the negativity within yourself.
Try to understand that the past does not change, and we need to continue to live on. Draw conclusions from all that has happened, calmly consider the situation and promise yourself that nothing of the kind you no longer take.