Guilt binds us like a chain. This is probably the most appropriate comparison. Drowning in resentment and anger, we sink to the bottom, where we expect adversity.

In this condition to live a full life impossible. Each new day begins with the struggle. Around fear... of failure. We blame the rain, government, neighbor, yourself. So how do you stop feeling guilty?

To forgive. The ability to forgive is a gift. You need to be able to forgive friends and enemies, the whole world, and finally himself. Importantly, themselves. People often can't forgive ourselves, thereby accumulating the negative energy, nervous and wasting life in vain. One solution is to stop blaming yourself all over, just forgive.

Forgiveness is a process. You can't just say "forgive" and forget. But there is a proven Hawaiian method of purification, it will help to let go of the past and to stop blaming yourself in everything. Let's start.

The list of grievances

Find a comfortable place where no one will bother you. Write a list of people who disappointed you. Now imagine the person offended and say "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you." The universe will hear and will certainly help. You'll realize when you feel a sense of lightness, there is nothing more beautiful than his.

If you find it hard to pronounce words, try to say simply: "Forgive and release", and then simply ask the universe to help you: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you."

A full pardon

Freed from the burden of resentment towards others, you can switch to themselves. Remembering all of your mistakes for which you blame yourself, accept them. There's only one way. To understand what happened nothing irreparable. After all of the events we learn the lessons this experience allows us to grow and improve.

This is full forgiveness is to understand that there was nothing irreparable. This kind of acceptance. By accepting, we accept the event. At this moment consciousness is freed from the past, we become absolutely free.

You'll know it when you see it in the mirror instead of the enemy his most loyal friend. It will not have defects for which to charge him. Your mood will greatly improve, and life will have new paint. Your companion will be success.
And remember, forgiveness is a great gift. Keep it.

The clearest example of the success of this practice is Jeremy Likness – fitness trainer, dropped 65 pounds, forgiving herself. He now helps people to get rid of excess weight with the help of liberation from negative thoughts.