If, in your opinion, you have committed something bad, it is not necessary to use labels that you're the worst person in the world. First of all remember that all people tend to make mistakes, as no one in the world who could be called the absolute ideal. Therefore try to accept what happened, and every detail of the situation and the entire incident.
Analyze what was the reason that you have done so. It is also important to remember when having pangs of conscience and soberly consider whether or not the incident is the proportion of your guilt, or you just think it is, but really he never had it? If you then come to the conclusion that the basis of experience was an illusion, then deal with the pangs of consciencewill undoubtedly be easier.
If your fault was minor, try to realize that all in the past, hence the reason for self-torture, no. Besides the pangs of conscience does not become easier neither you nor those who were victims in this situation. It is better to think over what conclusions can you draw from this life experience, and decide for yourself what you will do if you encounter a similar situation.
Any situation you can find several options of output is wanted. You always have a choice – will you sit and suffer from pangs of conscience or take any action to remedy what you did. Therefore, even though sometimes it is difficult to do, but if your wine in front of someone really important – you need to force yourself, looking into the eyes of someone, to whom you have done something wrong, admit that you were wrong and apologize. Maybe another person from this and get better, but you will drop from their shoulders burdening your cargo, and very likely, so get rid of the pangs of conscience.
Try to forgive yourself for what you did. Life goes on, and to carry the weight of past mistakes is not worth it. After all, all wrong, and not only you in the world who did wrong. Just try to continue to avoid such situations.