If your marriage ended and you want to "settle" this issue is also with the Church, keep in mind that a divorce or debunking as such in Orthodoxy actually exists. You can only give blessing to a second marriage, if the former proved unsuccessful. And this is not the norm of Church life, but only a condescension to your weakness. Therefore, the "Church divorce" you can ask, in that case, if you're going to get married again.
Before asking this question all the time in Church, you must obtain an official divorce in the registry office. When you save a registered marriage, your question will not be considered.
Pay attention to the reasons for divorce that are recognized by the Church. This, above all, a renunciation of Orthodoxy, as well as:- adultery;- enforcement of any of the former spouses in a new marriage;- syphilis or leprosy, alcoholism or AIDS, incurable mental illness;- unnatural vices; - the inability to marital cohabitation in the case if it came before marriage or as a result of deliberate-mutilation; - obscure the absence of one spouse for 5 years or more;- encroachment on the life or health of a spouse or children;- if one of the spouses concluded in place of imprisonment; if committed an abortion without spousal consent.
In the event that you are officially terminated the first marriage and have one of the above reasons for obtaining a Church divorce can petition to the diocesan office for the name of the Bishop (or Bishop, Archbishop, Metropolitan). His treatment you can do in your parish – it will be necessarily submitted to the Lord.
If you don't know how to write a petition, ask the priest. In a written statement to the Lord you have to summarize the story of his marriage and to explain the reason of divorce, to specify where and when has been concluded religious marriage and attach a copy of the documents regarding the civil divorce.
Your application will be considered individually. If the master deems the cause and you will not find any canonical obstacles to the conclusion of a new marriage, former spouses will give the blessing you will receive notification of debunking, signed by the diocesan Bishop. Further with this confirmation, you have the opportunity to get married for the second time.