You will need
  • - the passports of both spouses;
  • - petition for dissolution of marriage in the registry office;
  • - petition to the court and its copy;
  • - certificate of marriage (original and copy);
  • - birth certificate of the child (original and copy);
  • - receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - salary certificate of both spouses (if necessary);
  • - inventory of property acquired during the marriage (if necessary);
  • - a copy of the marriage contract (at presence);
  • - copy of written agreement for child support and division of property (if any);
  • - a medical conclusion about the recognition of the incapacitated spouse (if any);
  • - court decision on the recognition wife missing (if any);
  • - a court of the term of serving spouse of punishment in places of deprivation of liberty (if available).
Decide how you want to end the marriage. The law offers two options: an administrative (via the registry office) and the judiciary. Administrative divorce is ideal for couples, in which no minor children in common. Both spouses must also Express voluntary consent to the termination of the marriage relationship. Through the registry office divorced and in that case, if one of the spouses is declared missing, incapable or has been sentenced to a term of more than 3 years.
If the family are brought up minor children or a husband and wife are unable to agree on a "peaceful" divorce, the divorce will have in court. This process can be lengthy and complicated, especially when the "stumbling block" was the child.
Gather the necessary documents. Administrative divorce will need a certificate of marriage (original and copy) passport of both spouses or equivalent documents, receipt of payment of state duty, a joint statement addressed to the head of Department the registry office.
List of legal papers will increase significantly if you have a divorce in court. First of all, you, as the initiator of the divorce must submit a petition to the world court or the court of General jurisdiction.
The divorce process will deal with the magistrate if the spouses agreed to on the order of upbringing and maintenance of children and division of property. In the presence of controversial issues, for example, if the spouse is against the divorce at all, you need to contact the district court at the place of residence of the defendant.
Sample statement of claim is available on the information stand in the reception of the court. It can also be found on the Internet. The application shall attach the following documents: a copy of the claim (the Respondent), the original and a copy of the certificate of registration of marriage, the originals and copies of birth certificates of minor children, receipt of payment of the state fee.
If you have entered into a marriage contract, a copy will also need to provide the court. The couple, who decided on a voluntary basis, all issues related to the payment of the expenses of the child and division of material assets should submit to the court a copy of the written agreement.
Simultaneously with the main claim, you can submit a request to determine judicially the size of alimony payments, children and the disabled spouse and/or distribute the property acquired during the marriage. To the judge there was evidence on controversial issues, attach to the documents a certificate about the wages of both spouses and the seizure of property (real estate, land, vehicles, Bank deposits, etc.).
Please contact the office of the Registrar or the court. After reviewing all of the documents, the Secretary will determine their completeness and sufficiency, to take a statement and set a date to review your case.