Advice 1: How to transfer the child to another kindergarten in connection with the relocation

The purchase of a new home and moving into it is not only a joyful event, but also quite troublesome and time-consuming exercise. And it is not only about transporting things and carrying out repairs. Very often along with the residence have to change daycare.
How to transfer the child to another kindergarten in connection with the relocation

In what order should undergo a change of kindergarten

To put the baby in a new kindergarten in connection with the move, visit the district Department of education, which will need to apply for change of preschool institution, indicating the reasons. This will require certain documents. As a rule, it consists of birth certificate of the child, the passport of one of parents, information about which preschool is the child at the time of application, the documents under which ineligible for certain benefits if such is available.

Such statements are considered by the Commission on acquisition. After you have made a positive decision, you will get a ticket-the direction from which to enroll your child in the right preschool. However, to obtain such document is not so easy, because to extradite him can only in the presence of this educational institution available. If there is no need to be in place.

Once the permit is received, go to the head of the old kindergarten and write the application on dismissal. On the basis thereof to be issued the appropriate order, after the signing of which would be no problem to pick up all required for admission to the new kindergarten documents.

The new facility will also have to write the application, to undergo a medical examination and pay the charity a cash contribution. As a rule, when changing the kindergarten again have to go not all the doctors.

How to prepare your child for the transition into the new kindergarten

In most cases, the transfer of the child to another kindergarten team is accompanied by considerable psychological burdens both on the baby and on the parents who are very worried about new teachers. Some children tolerate this event is quite difficult, and the adaptation period for them is long and painful. That is why the first thing you should take care - as the gradual and smooth transition of a baby in a new environment. To do this, talk with your child about the need for such procedures and the possibility of meeting new people.

Take the time and talk to the teachers of a new garden on the specific character and preferences of their future students. Not worth it on the first day to leave the baby for a long time. It should allow time for familiarity with the situation. Everything should be relaxed and gradually.

Advice 2 : How to transfer from one kindergarten to another

When mom needs to go to work, kids have to attend kindergarten. However, to get into such an institution is not so easy. You need to stand in line almost from the moment of pregnancy planning to collect a bunch of documents, pay initial fee and so little of this change in his life, not on taste: to adapt to a new team, get used to the teachers and the new regime of the day – all this is so difficult for the vulnerable child's psyche. But sometimes I need to transfer from one kindergarten to another. How to do it?
How to transfer from one kindergarten to another
You will need
  • Voucher-a direction, a statement of acceptance of the child in kindergarten.
The reasons for changing the kindergarten can be different: moving to another residence, is not satisfied with the work of the staff, the food, methods classes, or just near your home, a new preschool educational institution (DOW). However, the special value they have. Once this situation occurs, it should resolve.
Under current legislation you have the right to transfer the child from one kindergarten to another. The reason for this is ticket-the direction issued by the Commission for the acquisition, and the availability of free space in your chosen DOE. So to start ask in a kindergarten, in which you want to transfer, is it possible, is there a free place for your child and what documents will be required for the transfer.
If the new kindergarten is a free place for your child, pick up your documents from previous DOE and collect all the necessary documents for a new, write a statement about taking him to daycare. If no room, have to wait in the General queue.
In some cases, you may need to re-pass a medical examination. However, it is enough just to take a private matter of the child's previous kindergarten, to take the district pediatrician a certificate stating that the child is healthy and with these documents to come to the clinic of the new DOE. It is possible, if the child has all immunizations made in accordance with the schedule in a timely manner you have paid the fee for the content in kindergarten and the baby was not sick during the period of transfer.
No matter for what reason you have to change the DOU, try to make it as less conflict. If you're transferring because you don't like teachers or something else in the children's garden is in a raised voice to speak to the Manager and make trouble. Who knows how things will develop in the new DOE. If you are asked about the reasons for the transfer, tell you it's just easier.
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