Find out if the Charter school in which a child learns the paragraph on individual learning. The school has the right to refuse you if the bylaws have no such provision. It might make sense to transfer the child to another school.
Contact the city Department of education and explain your problem. In some cases, the Department requires the school to amend the Charter of the corresponding item.
Get help at the pediatrician in the district hospital on the direction of child for psychological-medical-pedagogical consultation (PMPC). If the child is registered in the clinic, the attending doctor must make a referral.
Get a medical report on the health of the child. Psychological-medical-pedagogical consultation identifies educational needs and opportunities of the child, starting from his psychological and physical condition at the moment. He will issue a statement on the need of individual instruction. Help this is not given for the entire period of study. Every year we have to undergo inspection again.
Write a statement about the transfer of the child on individual training to the Director of the school. The statement needs to be spelled out a list of subjects and number of hours per week allotted to each study. Subjects and number of hours are discussed with the school administration, from 8 to 12 hours a week in total for all items.
Contact the district education Committee, if you want to increase the academic burden on the child. Keep in mind that the extra hours you will pay for yourself.
Coordinate with teachers and school administration training schedule of the child. Teachers can come to the house, or the student may come to school and engage with the teacher individually, in different classes with class time.
See order on appointment of teachers and periodicity of certification of the child during the school year, which must be signed by the Director. The student must be a log of progress. It records homework and put marks in each subject.