A girl can get married, change the name, leave the country, which does not use the patronymic, so the name the girl's parents have nothing in common. Choosing the same name for the boy, need to see that it fits in well as a name and a patronymic. Names that do not have pronounced sexual characteristics, such as Valya, Sasha or Zhenya worth taking, if the name leaves no doubt that its carrier boy, man. For example, Eugene Stepanov will feel much more confident than Valia Petrenko, who sooner or later will become a little uncomfortable, once again stating that he's a boy.
Undoubtedly, the selected name will affect the character of the future son. If You want to see his strong, purposeful , and name it must be the same. For Example, Boris, Gleb, Egor. A softer name – Ilya, Alexei, Leonid – will definitely add softness in the character of heir. But you can stay on the Golden middle – Andrew, Peter, Stepan. And definitely need to ensure that the chosen name combined well with the middle name that one smoothly flows into another, and to others of Your son to people much easier will be called the full name of the lion of Petrovich than for example Viktor Grigorievich.
Recently revived the tradition of naming children according to the Church calendar. It is a good tradition, not necessarily at the same time take the names of those saints on whose day will have the birthday of Your son. See all names that are close to the cherished date and certainly among them will be one that You will like. Well, some parents wait to name until birth, and then looked at the dear little eyes, immediately understand: "Here is their Vanechka". And of course we need to follow euphonious name. Some pet names or combinations of initials may expose the guy's coarse ridicule, and this may pour for him into a serious psychological problem. Therefore, choosing between ambition and inner peace of Your unborn child, is to listen to common sense.