Choosing a baby name with the initials, "A.", it is necessary to consider that the middle name refers to the soft. You can either enhance softness giving the baby a similar name (Michael, Ilya) or choose a firm name (Igor, Peter). In the second case the stiffness a little neutralized, as a result the person will be more harmonious, will not be prone to extremes.
Make a list of male names that you like. Cross off the list the names of the dead and had the unfortunate fate of their relatives. Alternately, say every name from the list, adding the patronymic "A.". Select those options that seem good.
Find out the values of the selected names, and choose which one you would like to give my son. Want to see his kind and sincere - what is Stepan. If you care that he was an optimist by nature, look to the name "Dennis". I wish that son grew up wise and humane, - select the name "Fedor".
Try not to choose too long a name. With a middle nameconsisting of five syllables, it will sound awkward. For example, listen how sound the combination of "Konstantin Alekseevich", "Stanislav Alekseevich". Not very nice, isn't it? Better pay attention to short and sonorous names: Victor, Paul, Ivan.
Do not choose a name ending in "th". Such names do not combine well with a middle namethat starts with a vowel.
If you can't decide, refer to the Church calendar. Since ancient times, people name their children according to the calendar, believing that by doing so, provide them with the protection of the patron Saint.
With a name given by you, the child will live for many years. Naming it in honor of an idol of Africa or a political leader with a tricky name, you can ruin the child's life. Think carefully before choosing the baby name.