Children who were born in a harsh time of year, should be given softer names. Otherwise, the child may grow up aggressive and even angry. It is necessary to pay attention to the combination of name, patronymic and surname. It's so the child will be treated in adult life. Many people want to stand out, calling the baby an extraordinary name. But it is worth thinking about how this will affect his future.
Winter born very talented and dedicated people. Although they are aggressive and prone to conflict. Childrenborn in December the persistent, often achieve this goal. They are emotional and quick-tempered. "Winter children" should be called the majestic names of kings or leaders. Then they can achieve great success. For example, the girl can be called Anna, Olga, Catherine. The Boy - Peter, Alexander, Ivan, Michael. Besides, these names correspond to the names for December at Christmastime.
At baptism the priest sometimes finds in the Yuletide name that you selected, so that he can offer another name. This is a normal phenomenon. So did our ancestors. The name that was baptized in the Church, was kept secret from everyone. And the child spoke the name of the selected parents. Give the child his name, don't call the baby after grandma, grandpa or your favorite aunt. In this case, it is likely that the child will inherit the character and temperament of a relative. Let your child carry your name and builds its own destiny.