Advice 1: How to configure Internet on Nokia

Configure Internet settings on various phones and smartphones released under the Nokia brand, may vary in detail, but in General the process is fairly simple, although menus of the devices of this company are characterized by high complexity. As an example, to configure Internet on Nokia consider Nokia N97 mini.

All settings are in the Menu — and Function — Parameters. To work correctly an Internet connection, you need to set the following values of parameters determining the operation of the device:

  1. The access point sets the access point to the Internet by default. For each operator, this value will be different. In addition, if the phone is designed to operate in a network of a certain operator, the value of the access point may not be available for modification.

  2. Home page — defines which page will begin the review sites on the Internet. Usually, the home page, you can choose to your own taste. This parameter does not affect the operation of the Internet, but only helps the user to make his online journey more comfortable.

  3. Recall — when set to On, while watching Internet sites by pressing "Back" instead of returning to the previous page you will see a list of pages viewed.

  4. The suffix int.-'allows you to specify the default domain, for example .com or .org.

  5. Loading content allows you to configure Internet on Nokia so that the visited pages do not load pictures and other objects. Select "text only" will significantly reduce the flow of traffic.

  6. Default encoding — allows you to change the code page to correctly display the site in another language.

  7. Recently visited pages — the phone's browser can automatically collect bookmarks when a user is viewing Internet sites and store them in a folder with a corresponding name.

  8. Save data — the data entered in the fields on the web pages will be saved, and when you visit to be substituted automatically.

  9. Cookies – enable or disable the use of cookies.

Advice 2 : How to set gprs on Nokia

Mobile phones have long been used not only as a means of voice communication, but also as a means of access to the Internet. Access to Internet resources in cell phones Nokia has GPRS-WAP and GPRS-INTERNET. Since the second of these technologies allows you to use global worldwide network with less than the first, so we will consider the setting of your Nokia phone Е51 to work on GPRS-INTERNET. Knowing how to set this model phone, you can easily configure other phones of the manufacturer.
How to set gprs on Nokia
Call technical support of your mobile operator to find out whether you have a GPRS-INTERNET. If service is not connected, ask them to connect it
Select Menu-Tools-Settings-Connection-access Points.
Select Options-New access point to create new access point.
Write a name for the connection, such as mts internet.
In the line "data Channel", select "
In the "access point Name" enter a name that is determined by your mobile operator.

For example: (MTS), (Beeline), (Tele2),

internet.nw (MegaFon North-West).

The access point name is determined by your region.
Enter the user name, which is also provided by the service provider.For MTS – mts, Beeline – beeline, MegaFon and Tele2 – box, leave blank.
In the line "prompt password" select "Yes" if you want to enter it each time you visit the Internet or ' No ' to the password remained in the memory of the phone and the Internet connection was without a password.
In the line "Password" enter the password that gives you your carrier.

For MTS – mts, Beeline – beeline, MegaFon and Tele2 – leave blank.
In the line "Home" page can enter the address of the page if you want.
In the string "Authentication" on your preferences, select "protected" or "Normal".
Press the right button under the display "Back" to save the settings and exit.Turn off and on the phone.
You can use GPRS-internet via your phone's browser or through other third-party browsers.
Useful advice
If you use more than one service provider, configure the right access point for each operator, and further, when changing the operator, you can switch to the desired access point.

Advice 3 : How to connect a nokia to the Internet

Connecting to the Internet allows you to be abreast of the latest events to check mail client and always be in touch with their friends and acquaintances. If you have any desire to connect to the Internet using the mobile device to perform this operation you can use jumper cable and appropriate software. An alternative to a wired connection may provide a connection through a Bluetooth dongle.
How to connect a nokia to the Internet
You will need
  • Operating system Windows mobile phone Nokia connecting cable (Bluetooth adapter), the software Nokia PC Suites.
In order to connect to the Internet using Nokia mobile phone, you must install the Nokia PC Suites. This program can be copied.

- with CD-ROM, which comes with certain models of phones;

- flash drive of the phone;

- use cable Internet to download the program.
After installing the program, you must make connection and set-up pairing two devices: computer (laptop) and phone. If you are using cable connection, then before running the program to take costs nothing except the connect the phone to the computer. If you are using a connection with a Bluetooth adapter, check the settings pairing your Bluetooth dongle and phone.
When you first start the program, make sure all connections were connected properly. In the main window choose "Connect to Internet". In the opened window, select the connection type USB or Bluetooth.
A new window will open One Touch Access. This service will automatically connect in the next 10 seconds. As soon as will end with stripe connect, your phone will already be connected to the Internet.
If there is any error and/or you need to modify the connection settings – click "Break connection" - then click "Settings".

Advice 4 : How to connect Internet on Nokia

Connect mobile Internet on phones of Nokia brand is no different from the activation of settings on any other phone. The main thing in this case is provided by the operator the number to which callers can make an order. And the phone model will be detected automatically, to think about it is not worth it.
How to connect Internet on Nokia
In the "Beeline", for example, you can activate two different types of Internet connections. One of them is carried out via a GPRS connection. In order to connect, you will need to dial USSD-request *110*181# and press the call button. The connection of the second type can be done via a special command *110*111#.
Subscribers of "MegaFon" (regardless of brand mobile phone) to order automatic settings will need to visit the home page of the official website of the operator. Next you need to select the tab "Phones", click on it. You will see a graph called "Internet Settings GPRS and WAP". Then, you will only fill out a short request form.
Setup of Internet connections are available through SMS. In the text you must indicate the number 1. And the number to which to send such SMS - 5049. It is anytime you can get MMS, and WAP. Instead of the unit you will need to insert the digit 2 or 3. Do not forget about the existence of such free offer, and how 05190 05049.
Automatic Internet settings is available for all subscribers of "MegaFon" also the number of customer service 0500 (it is intended for calls from a mobile) or 502-5500 (for calls from fixed phones). In addition, you are always ready to help the staff of the salons of the operator and of its offices.
Users of the network "MTS" for connecting to the Internet on your mobile simply dial the short number 0876 (call it free). You can also use other number - 1234 designed to send SMS messages (text does not specify, SMS must be "empty"). Receive automatic settings will be available through the official website of the company. To do this, simply go to the appropriate section and fill in the field.

Advice 5 : How to set up Internet on a mobile phone Nokia

Nokia mobile phones in most cases have plenty of opportunities for exciting leisure activities. You can watch movies, listen to music and radio, and also play games and make web surfing. In order to enjoy all the features you need to configure the Internet.
How to set up Internet on a mobile phone Nokia
To set the phone to use the Internetand you can use the settings located on the operator's official website. You can find the address of this website on the package of SIM card. Or just call customer care and request the settings. You can also request a text message with the settings, by activating which, you will automatically configure your phone. Acquainted with the tariffs for access to the network and the disconnection threshold of the Internet. Keep in mind that your account must have enough money to access the network.
Configure the browser that is installed in your phone by default. The best option is to disable the downloading of images and flash elements - so you will significantly ease traffic, reducing the cost of it.
Install Opera mini browser. The most convenient option is to download a browser on a computer and then copying the file or using a data cable or via card reader. You can also enter the file link in the address bar of your browser located on your phone, and download the file. Install the browser, disable the downloading of images and applications. The specificity of this app is that with it, you can not only browse wap page, but also any other. This is achieved by the fact that the page you requested, first sent to the server where it is processed, compressed and adapted for your phone, and only then sent.
Also, you can use popular instant messengers - icq, mail.agent, jimm and others. Download them to the phone any of the methods described in the third step. They do not consume a lot of bandwidth, while using them, you can always stay connected with their friends.
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