All settings are in the Menu — and Function — Parameters. To work correctly an Internet connection, you need to set the following values of parameters determining the operation of the device:

  1. The access point sets the access point to the Internet by default. For each operator, this value will be different. In addition, if the phone is designed to operate in a network of a certain operator, the value of the access point may not be available for modification.

  2. Home page — defines which page will begin the review sites on the Internet. Usually, the home page, you can choose to your own taste. This parameter does not affect the operation of the Internet, but only helps the user to make his online journey more comfortable.

  3. Recall — when set to On, while watching Internet sites by pressing "Back" instead of returning to the previous page you will see a list of pages viewed.

  4. The suffix int.-'allows you to specify the default domain, for example .com or .org.

  5. Loading content allows you to configure Internet on Nokia so that the visited pages do not load pictures and other objects. Select "text only" will significantly reduce the flow of traffic.

  6. Default encoding — allows you to change the code page to correctly display the site in another language.

  7. Recently visited pages — the phone's browser can automatically collect bookmarks when a user is viewing Internet sites and store them in a folder with a corresponding name.

  8. Save data — the data entered in the fields on the web pages will be saved, and when you visit to be substituted automatically.

  9. Cookies – enable or disable the use of cookies.