Until the animal used to people, treat him with extreme caution. Children under 7-8 years should not be trusted to care for rabbits.
выгул и яма для кроликов
Check the condition of the teeth and claws of the pet. Put that in a cage of tree branches, and nail trim special forceps.
Чем кормить декоративного кролика
The rabbit cage should be spacious enough put two litter box and an automatic drinking bowl (regular rabbits are often upset). Protect the animal from drafts and direct sunlight. Once a week the home of the rabbit, you have to wash the trays well is disinfected after each use.
как кормить декоративных кроликов
Periodically let go of the rabbit "walk" and exercise, because in the wild the animals are actively moving.
как из бумажки зделать кролика
Provide pet clean fresh water and hay. Take rabbit new vegetables and fruits, keep in mind, these animals are very sensitive to pesticides. Do not feed the animal eared wet grass and hay, it can cause bloating, which is very dangerous for the health of rabbits.
как приучить кролика к лотку
Every three months preventive treatment of internal and external parasites and for protection against dangerous diseases make special vaccinations. It is desirable in this case to apply to a certified veterinary clinic.
Bathing a rabbit is not recommended, however, in some cases, you can wash your feet. If there is the need to wash the rabbit entirely, try not to soak the lugs, and after bathing, thoroughly dry the animal.