You will need
  • electronic scale
Determine the weight of the animal. Although the baby chinchilla eating food from 5 days to 70 days of age, he still needs to eat and mother's milk. For proper growth and development of the baby is important every week of his life with his mother. Independent and capable of separate life chinchilla become at the age of 3-4 months, during this time, their weight is around 270-320 grams. If the weight of the animal less to separate him from his mother even earlier.
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Pay special attention to the selection of animals for breeding. Take a large, strong and active 6 or 7 months animals. In this age of chinchilla weighs no less than 400 g and has thick hair. Keep in mind that small chinchillas very quickly gain weight but stop growing after age 24 months, when they reach 600 grams. If the animal weighs more than a pound, and the seller assures you that he is still young, do not believe!
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Observe the behavior of chinchillas – old animals lose their activities appear to be more lethargic and apathetic. Young, on the contrary, frolic and fun to play. Please note on the heels of the animal, with age, the skin on them is noticeably coarse. If you see calluses on your heels - before you chinchilla grandmother. The eyes of old animals become dull and lose their Shine. Also with age changes the quality of the fur - furry coat thins, the color fades and becomes lighter.
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