Consider the purpose of the presentation and project that you will present to the audience. Psychologists say that a person is able to focus on the new material only for 10, max 15 minutes. So try to calculate so that your report did not last more than this time. Limit the number of slides to 10 and expect that each of them was available for review at 1.5-2 minutes.
To presented a slide was cluttered with no text or graphics, its richness must not be more than 1/3 area of the screen. Don't write a lot of text – you will always be able to accompany slide his explanations. It is better to give graphic material: tables, charts, graphs, and charts.
The shape of the graphical object must comply with sustainable and natural visual associations. In this case, they will be better perceived by your audience. Keep the information top-down, logical conclusion and emphasis place on the bottom right of the slide. If you select any element on the slide, use only one method: brightness, colour, outline, flashing, or movement.
Do not use more than 3 different fonts. Well visually perceived TimesNewRoman, Tachoma, Arial. The size should be large enough: 20 for text and 36 for headings. In the text use single line spacing and between paragraphs – double.
Pick a color palette in which you present your project presentation. For business presentations perfect gray-purple, gray-blue, red-brown-orange-yellow range of colors. The images on the slides must be contrasting to the main background. For text, use dark letters on a light background.
On the last slide of the presentation, point to all contact numbers, names and other data that will help you find those who are interested in conducted a presentation.