The presentation in electronic format. Usually for presentations using PowerPoint. In the structure of this program - the slides, the first of which is the titular "leaf." Most often, such presentations are more entertaining than the business. Here you can put many pictures to give them a "movement" by means of animated elements to make a variety of diagrams, tables, etc. In this case, the presentation is additional multimedia material for the presentation.
The title slide should contain the topic title, name of author and name of the organization with designation of the Department or the name of the Institute and faculty group number of the student.
Presentation in paper format. Often the presentation is printed on the sheets necessary for a more detailed study of the topic. For example, on the thesis defense presentation material handed out to every participant teacher in the Board of examiners to familiarize themselves with the subject of the degree work of the student. It is necessary to consider all the requirements for formatting the title page of the presentation of the thesis, in accordance with state educational standards. On the first line at the center of a sheet of A4 write in capital letters full name of the educational institution. The two indents below you must write the name of the faculty of the student. Then even below the indent in the center in capital letters you should write: "Handout to final qualifying work". You can then go to the title theme of the presentation material and the side on the left side write the initials of the author of the presentation, the group number. Indent below also on the left side to write the initials of the teacher who supervised your work and his academic degree (associate Professor, candidate of Sciences).