Say simple words. Do not complicate your presentation boring terms that are not clear to all. And even if understandable, it is still to listen to a scientific or specialized topics not interesting. The presentation should be easy to comprehend. Try to bring the presentation to the audience's hearts, not their minds. Communicate with your audience not as a crowd but as interlocutors.
Prepare a speech in advance. Beautiful slides of the presentation are great, but we need competent speech. Write a brief outline of your speech so that you will not have any unforeseen circumstances the presentation.
Are interested from the first sentences. If the introduction is boring, then hardly anyone will listen to a presentation, even if the "flavor" you have prepared at the very end. Impress the beginning. You will forgive mediocre information in the middle, if it is not too much.
"Paint" beautiful images in the minds of the listeners. The brighter the image, the better perceived. However, the images should be selected based on the audience composition. It is not necessary for women to "draw" pictures from the world of sport, and retirees – pictures worthy of a child's imagination.
Prepare beautiful slides. Many people perceive visual information much better than by ear. Therefore it is necessary to make beautiful pictures and gradient screensaver. It should not be too bright, so as not to distract the audience from the presentation text and images.
Add a bit of humor. To make your presentation more lively, you can add a little fun content. However, you should know the measure.