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  • - sick leave
Calculate the number of working days missed because of his illness. Term disability employee designated on the certificate. Upon return of the employee to the workplace, a properly completed sick leave sent to the personnel Department of the enterprise. Please note that payment not subject to sick leave issued to: ambulance stations, sanitary-preventive establishments, blood transfusion stations, hospitals, physiotherapy, resort polyclinics, private health institutions and establishments it is judicial-medical examination.
Determine the average daily earnings of the employee. To determine the average daily wage is necessary to calculate the ratio of total wages by the number of actual working days. The amount of the average wage of an employee include such types of income that are included in the wage Fund and those of which withholding tax on income of individuals. Remember that to calculate average wages does not include periods of vacation, sick and other downtimes.
Set the percentage of the sick pay. This percentage is determined on the basis of his continuous length of service. If the employee's seniority is less than 5 years, then sick leave will be paid at 60% of average earnings. When length of service from 5 till 8 years - 80 %, and more than 8 years - 100 % of average earnings.
Will pay salary to the employee who put it under the hospital sheet. To calculate payments for hospital sheet should: the amount of average daily earnings multiplied by the number of working days missed due to illness and multiplied by the percentage for sick pay. For calculations it is better to use the appropriate program such as Excel.