Determine the series of your Panasonic phone. Usually this information is in the instruction manual. If you lost it, you can go to the official Russian website of Panasonic to enter into a search engine the name of the phone, and read the description. Setting caller ID for different series differs slightly.
Go to phone Panasonic 200 and 300 series in the "Menu" and select "database settings". Enter the PIN code that you set to log to the database. By default, it has the following combination: "0000". Locate in the list the function of "caller ID" and switch to it by pressing the "OK"button.
Enter a combination of "255", after which will appear the item "auto-retrieve". Click "OK". Select "On" and confirm the operation. Caller ID on the Panasonic phones 400 version is configured for the same algorithm, but the point about "auto-retrieve" in this case is ignored.
Go to service mode, if you have a Panasonic phone 500 version. Enter the combination "72627664", and then click Write eeprom and select the address 007F, which assign a value to 06. The result will be automatically connected to the caller identification on the phone.
Disable one of the functions of caller ID. The fact that Panasonic phones have a Russian caller ID and the European caller ID, with the result that problems may occur when receiving an incoming call. Go to "Menu" and select "database settings", entering the PIN-code.
Go to the caller ID feature and select "Mode" in which you set the Caller ID mode. Save your changes by clicking "OK". If your phone has monomelodies call, then going to the settings database (SETTINGS BS), you need to find a CID OFF mode and press x to the right, and then click hang up call.