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  • - dog breed Alabai.
The breed lays down certain traits in the character of the dog, but as a person, she has influenced the environment in which she grew up. A nickname is another factor in the formation of the puppy as a person. Name is not a simple set of random sounds, it contains the phonetic information, which encourages the dog to behave so, and not otherwise.
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Choosing the name of the puppy Alabai, you affect its character and destiny. Looking for a nickname among sonorous sonorous names. Well, if the word contains two syllables, it will facilitate the animal's memory and allocating it among other sounds. The nickname should be easy to pronounce to you, without causing any negative associations.
Say clearly a few names for a puppythat you like. Watch the dog and her reaction to your words. If you noticed "recognition" nicknames on the behavior of Alabai, let us examine this name.
как можно назвать собаку мальчика алабая
Step away from the puppy and repeat the nickname. If the dog does not move, do not worry, go for yourself and by saying the puppy's name, give him something tasty. Yet Alabai swallows the treat several times to repeat the selected alias. Be ready that this procedure must be repeated many times.
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The dog should notice that these sounds accompany some event to which you should pay attention to. Then, when the puppy clearly is going to respond to his name, get encouragement in the form of food. Try to replace it with words and affection.
алабай как его воспитывать
Do not tighten the moment with the replacement treats for approval. The dog may develop the belief that the utterance of the nickname before feeding.
Don't change the nickname of the diminutive, when you are touched by a puppy. Always recite the name Alabai clearly, without modifications and different versions. Don't call the dog for no reason, just for your entertainment. The puppy will begin to think that nothing important about these sounds is not contained.
Alabai looks menacing, noble and dignified, so the "glam" names like Honey, Baby, Squishy-cat will never fit him. Remember the names of heroic animals from the story. Brave heroes of fairy tales and legends can also give an idea for the name of the puppy Alabai. Ressi, rocky, Rexxar, Conan, Araks, Mars, Uranus, Buran - nicknames a lot, and choose your better together with your pet.