Professional breeders claim that the dog's name should not be too long and difficult to pronounce host, i.e., for the perception by the pet. Ideally, the dog's name may consist of one or two syllables, maximum of three. In addition, the preferred pet's name the following sounds: "d", "b", "g", "R".
You can think the dog is a girl long beautiful name, like Elizabeth or Maximilian. But to call these dogs a better simpler: Lisa and max. According to this principle, you can pick up for home pet following nicknames: Adelina (Ada), Ariadne (Ara), Gabriel (Gabi), Pandora (Dora), Assol (Asya), violet (Male), Isabella (Bella), Magdalene (Magda).
The dog girls are not accustomed to chasing pathos and extravagance, usually referred to as their favorite these names: Delta, Alice, Dasha, Gamma, gold, Vista, Greta, Agatha, Martha, Barranca, Dina, Orca, Linda, Eva, Christie, Alba, Gulba, nicks, Ginny, rogue, Gina, Chloe, Jesse, Tina, Linda, Honda, Naida, Sandra, Martha, Capa, lime, Luz, Lada, Lady, Hilda.
Very fashionable nowadays double dog names: Yani-Vesta, ABA-Gina, Judith Laura, Mrs.-Chezar.
Duchess, Baroness, Athena, Bagheera, Aurora, Carmen, Monica, Jeannette, Camellia, Barbara, Isolde, Donna, Charlotte, Francesca, Juliet, Milady, lady, Olympia, Marquis - the nickname give to their furry beauties people aspiring for refinement in all things.
And here are some funny names for dogs girls, created by children: Squirrel, Button, Bulka, Butterscotch, Bunny, Squishy, Kalinka, doll, milk, Bun, Baby, Baby, Doll, Malvina, Affection, cherry, Micky, palm, Hand, Umka, Foot.