You will need
  • the literature on the problem computer, analytical skills
Any essay consists of the following structural parts: introduction, main part, if necessary, broken into chapters and subheadings and the conclusion. Do not forget about title page, contents, and list of references.
Conclusion is the summing up done by the theoretical or practical part. In fact, it is roseme what you did. And according to the derived Ebenhausen laws about the features of our memory, it is best we remember the beginning of the performance (written work) and the ending. So you understand how important the role of a well-written conclusion. Even if the main part you see the flaws, the conclusion will help to smooth them and will qualitatively raise the level of your essay.
According to the requirements of essays, the conclusion, as a rule, should not exceed a volume of 1-2 pages of printed text. Remember that brevity will save you time and effort, not to mention her as the indicator of talent. But the conclusion should be as informative and meaningful. View of the main part and highlight each of its paragraphs the main conclusions – and they should appear in the conclusion. But do not repeat in the literal sense of the word. This does not mean that they need to be copied and pasted into the conclusion. Ideally, you should have agreed upon a meaningful analysis of the results obtained and their qualitative formulation. Just pay attention to the purpose and objectives in the introduction, if any were declared. In the conclusion of the essay talking about the fact that we managed to do and achieve – "we examined...", "we concluded", "we managed...", "we got..." and so on. To achieve the same conclusion can be further definition of problem area theoretical literature analysis or empirical research.