Advice 1: How to put children to sleep in kindergarten

For rest of children in children's preschool educational institution, they need to sleep. For this mode day in kindergarten have a designated time – Sonas. It lasts depending on the children aged from 1,5 to 3 hours. The caregiver is very important in time to put the kids to bed.
How to put children to sleep in kindergarten
To pre-K in a timely manner laid down for a NAP, the caregiver must strictly adhere to the daily routine in the group. It promotes the development of physiological habits in children. Preschoolers body gets used to a certain sequence of operating points. In that moment, when it comes time SANASA, the child's body is ready for a day of rest. Unacceptable deviation from the daily routine, as this will negatively affect the physiological condition of the kids.
Before you put the kids to bed, they need to calm down. Organize quiet games (e.g. Board games - nursery rhymes, etc.). Read a book to children. Quiet activities will allow children to transition from active play to rest.
Include water treatments. Spend a dousing of the feet, which not only ensure meeting the hygienic requirements, but also will contribute to the hardening of the children. In the cold season, maybe a rubdown with a Terry mitten.
Pay attention to the light in the bedroom. It needs to be dimmed, the curtains closed on the possibility.
Great importance is the color of the walls, ceilings, window curtains (or blinds) in the bedroom. Color should not be bright in order not to excite unstable psyche of the kids. Use for decoration of the bedroom to pastel, soothing colors.
Enable children quiet music (e.g., lullabies, classical works). It will allow children to calm down and relax. In addition, listening to music will contribute to the aesthetic education of preschool children.
In the bedroom, speak in a calm tone. During SANASA invalid shouting, noise, loud conversations. Encourage your children to a calm tone. This will help form a relaxed atmosphere in the group.

Advice 2: How to put to bed a two year old child

Two years is such a wonderful and interesting age. But there are no moms in the world, before which stood the question of how to put my two year-old child to sleep. All faced with this problem. What are ways to put your child to sleep?
How to put to bed a two year old child
You will need
  • Books with stories and poems, lullabies knowledge and patience.
Two years is the age when the child begins to actively explore the world. He needs to move constantly to play. The kid just sitting on the ground, as you notice many mothers. The child was well asleep, he needs to do something with the stock of its energy, otherwise it will be impossible to put to sleep any day, not night. And a dream just need that energy to recover.
Accustom your child to the regime. As in kindergarten. When the child accustomed to the routine, he already knows that after the walk there will be a dinner and sleep. And in the evening walk, dinner, water and sleep.
Be sure to walk with your child before bedtime. Let him run around with other children, ride the slide, shake on a swing. After a walk to put the baby will be much easier. But ensure that the child is not overtired, otherwise it will be hard to fall asleep.
Create child environment for sleep. Before bed be sure to ventilate the room. For the child, according to pediatricians, the optimal room temperature of 18-20 degrees with a humidity of 50-70 %.
If it's daytime sleep - turn off the TV, cover curtains. If you get to bed at night turn on the night light.
If you are not putting the baby in the crib and your bed or the couch, lie down next to him. If in bed - sit nearby.
Children are very important mom before bed. Some children enough so my mom can just lie down next to a couple of minutes. Some even at the age of two still sick - this is self-indulgence. From birth does not have to accustom to the motion sickness.
At this age children already love stories, poems. Read his book kid, read a story, sing a lullaby.
Gently stroke the forehead of the baby is soothing.
Put to sleep the baby in a good mood, the baby did not cry and did not cry. Before bed create a ritual. For example, using poems show your child that you can go to sleep. Read the verse and show the baby pictures, where you can go to sleep or already asleep. One of these poems is called "lullaby for Bunny".
Don't be nervous if the kid could not fall asleep, your condition transferred to the child.
Useful advice
From the cradle to teach a child to sleep separately from you.

Advice 3: How to put the baby to sleep

A newborn baby most of the time in the dream and wakes up only when you're hungry. Gradually stabiliziruemost sleep time, and in order to establish the difference between day and night, for example, day slightly closes the window and create a slight noise of household appliances (TV, stereo receiver, etc.), and by night the contrary, tightly closes the window and minimize the noise of foreign objects. Bathing the baby before bedtime will also provide him a hint of your sleep at night.
How to put the baby to sleep

To put the child to sleep will help stroking and rocking, therefore, is the effect on the nervous system and the vestibular apparatus, the baby calms down and falls asleep.

For a child sleep is the time when he loses control over the surrounding reality. Making daily preparation to sleep in the usual ceremony the problem of how to put the baby to sleep, completely disappear. This requires a clear sequence of events, e.g. dinner, brushing teeth, bathing, story reading or a lullaby for the night. A child with confidence and without unnecessary anxiety will execute one after the other, for a long time he familiar cooking procedure to sleep.

Also plays an important role in a room and a bed. Children's bedroom is the place where the child needs to be confident and feel safe. Children's room should be furnished in accordance with safety regulations, that is, without sharp edges, open sockets, unstable furniture and .t.d. It is necessary to acquaint the child with the room, showing him where his stuff is, where to put the toys. If possible, let the child himself will choose a bed in a furniture store, then to lie down he will be happy.

Never punish a child in his bedroom, he should have only positive associations with this room.

Some tips in order to put the child to sleep:

1. If the child had a fear of the dark, turn on a nightlight. Reassure the child that you to the room no one there.

2. Tell the child that his favorite bear or doll, really want to sleep and for a long time waiting for him in bed.

3. The belief of the baby that night he will dream of a fairy tale will help to create positive associations with sleep.

4. If after you left the baby begins to act up, then just not come back.

5. In the event of conflict, try to settle before going to sleep, the child went to bed relaxed and in a good mood.


Advice 4: What are the duties of a kindergarten teacher

Unfortunately, educators in kindergartens, and sometimes not very responsible attitude to fulfill their duties. Parents, faced with such a problem, it should be noted that many norms of behavior specialist working with children is enshrined in law, so you can require their strict observance.
What are the duties of a kindergarten teacher

The main duties of the kindergarten teacher

Keep in mind a simple rule: if you are in doubt about whether the teacher in your kindergarten to do certain things, ask them to give you to read his job description, employment contract, and review the sanitary and epidemiological requirements, Sanitary regulations and standards. In these documents you will find answers to their questions.

The expert starts his work and takes responsibility for the children at the beginning of the working day. The teacher should accept every child, playgroup, which their parents bring them to daycare. In particular, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the child: if the child clearly is not feeling well or having problems in his behavior, the caregiver needs to talk about it with parents and if necessary take the child to the doctor.
There are times when baby feels bad, but the parents are not able to take him home. In this case, the baby is isolated from the other children, and take care of him as a doctor and educator.

The specialist should strictly adhere to the established timeframe and to make children obey the regime. This applies to sleep time, walks, meals, classes, exercise, games. In addition, duties of the tutor include assistance to other workers of a kindergarten in the preparation of activities for children.

What should the caregiver

Few parents know what the duties of the caregiver include feeding children. If the baby refuses to eat, starts to act up, can not properly handle Cutlery, arranges games during lunch, interferes with other children, the specialist must take action.
Educators working in nurseries, often have to finish feeding babies who can not eat independently, as well as to ensure that their clothes while eating clean.

During NAP time the caregiver should be able to find approach to each child, to determine who to put first, to ensure that the kids were asleep and not hurt others, and properly Wake up the kids.

On the walk the teacher should closely monitor children to organize their free time, not allow the kids to escape outside the territory of the kindergarten. By the way, a specialist can ask their children to help in the landscaping of the grounds as part of the educational program: for example, water the flowers or clean up the wrappers.
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