Check the quality of the transmission fluid. It should be clean and bright, with no apparent sediment. The precipitate formed is steel and aluminum shavings, can become a symptom of the very poor condition of the automatic transmission. Please note: valid only the presence of very small, small amount of shavings, as it may be in the transmission fluid after running nodes.
See if the filter is plastic shavings. Its presence may indicate faulty bearings or gears. As a result, the filter becomes clogged, the flow of fluid is sharply reduced and the automatic transmission fails. The most disturbing symptom is a black oil color and a strong smell of burning coming from it. In this case, most likely, will have to contact the service center for overhaul of the automatic transmission.
Calculate the average time shift. The translation from N to R or D the car should respond very quickly. The delay is longer than 1.5 seconds indicates a serious malfunction of the automatic transmission, the elimination of which need to be addressed as early as possible. Do not hesitate to repairs: firstly, if you make it on time, without waiting for the transmission output from the system that it will cost you less, and secondly, in such cases, it may lead to accidents.
Pay attention to the process of shifting. It should not be accompanied by extraneous sounds: the rattle noise, a sharp knock, etc. are Also unacceptable vibrations and strong shocks. Note: we are only talking about a very strong, sharp shocks, but not soft and smooth!
Rate the change of the rotational speed of the crankshaft. If the gear change is increasing too sharply, disproportionately accelerating means, the automatic transmission needs a thorough diagnosis and repair.
If you have doubts about the serviceability of the automatic transmission your vehicle, contact the service center. Experienced mechanics will diagnose and tell you the condition of the automatic transmission and whether to repair or replace.