Experts say that all the problems that arise when using the automatic transmission, occur due to improper operation or untimely maintenance which consists in changing the transmission fluid, the diagnosis and repair of faults.
To find this number in several ways. On the front cover of the gearbox usually affixed a sticker with a number and information about the automatic transmission. The room is duplicated and on the dipstick for automatic transmission.
On the car body in the area of the right support of the engine (to see it, it is sometimes necessary to remove the air filter housing) there is a metal plate inscribed with information about the number of automatic transmission.
Another way to determine the number of the automatic transmission is a request to the website of the manufacturer of your car. Every car produced late 1980, has your VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) – personal identification number. Usually it is indicated in the registration certificate of the car, he also laid in memory of the onboard computer. In addition, the VIN code applied on the windscreen of the car and lower the arch of the driver's door. Sending your VIN number on the manufacturers website, you get a number you are interested in part or automatic transmission.