On the cars of the old generation of automatic transmissions used on the principle of classical hydraulics, ie the car is missing wheels, engine, and torque is transmitted by means of two turbines. In modern automatic control is due to the electronics. These boxes have a semi-automatic control with manual. To define such a box, just look at the mode switching. Such automatic transmission may be a sport mode, economy or winter drive. Such models transmission applies Tiptronic, Autostick , Steptronic.
More popular now gaining a car with CVT. To verify such model of the transmission just. If the hydraulic switch of speeds, you can monitor the tachometer readings, the CVT works very smoothly, but engine sound it monotonous. On this model the automatic transmission as there is manual control mode.
Let's see how behaves your car when you are trying to dramatically pick up speed. If a sharp tap on the gas, the car roars, "think" and then takes a leap – so it's a robotic gearbox. Although conceptually it is closer to "mechanics", automatic control is possible and the transition to manual mode. In manual mode the car behaves adequately with a sharp set of speed. But the fuel consumption of machines "robot" is much lower than the classical "automatic".
Look at the vehicle transmission. If it says DSG, you robotic transmission with two clutches. Two clutch disc are responsible for switching the even and odd gears. In General, this box is positioning itself as a sports. She really has a sports mode and possibility of switching to manual control. However, to meet such a box on such a non-sports car like the Skoda Yeti. Although acceleration from a box is really faster, and most importantly softer than the usual "robot".