Before shipping something in the trunk of your car, read the manual to him and make sure that the body will withstand the overloads that you are going to give him. Just some roofs it is not intended for installation on them of a special trunk.
If you are going to carry cargo on the roof of your car, remember that the body can withstand 50-60 kg weight. The maximum you can throw another 10. But more is not recommended.

What can be transported on car roof

On the roof of the car to carry different loads. For example, a metal pipe. True, there should be very clear to calculate the volume and weight of cargo. Try to weigh the pipe or to ask about the total weight, from whom you took them.
If you weigh or clarification is not obtained, use the formula: of the outer diameter subtract the wall thickness of the pipe. The result multiply by the wall thickness and then by 0.025.

It is desirable that the trunk had a rubber lining. It is necessary to reduce friction.

On the roof rack of a car can be transported materials such as polycarbonate and plywood. This is despite the fact that they are called one of the most unpleasant types of cargo. Because plywood at speed has a very powerful lifting force that can pull the trunk in case of exceeding the allowed speed is 50 km/h. in addition, in order to avoid such consequences, be sure to securely mount the pipe on the roof, paving them with rubber gaskets.

Lumber - another kind of cargo that you can carry on the roof of the car. When picking a cargo it is important to calculate its volume. You can calculate it by a simple formula: the volume of the material, multiply the weight of a cubic meter of wood (find this figure to be in a special directory).

Also on the roof of the car carrying the bikes. They are fixed with special fasteners, be sure vertically. Baby strollers, lightweight small furniture and more is also possible to transport in the trunk of a car. Some craftsmen carry on the roof of the car, even small boats.

What to consider

The main rule that need to be taken into account, the load must lie on the roof evenly. However, he may not exceed the dimensions of the car, ie front and rear not more than 1 m, laterally - 40 cm

Transporting oversized cargo, it is necessary to mark it with a special sign with reflective film. To carry these loads recommended in the daytime, but by night, from such visits should be abandoned.

To strengthen the load by using a special very strong ropes, also suitable harnesses with hooks and ribbon with locks. Remember that your goal is to secure the cargo safely. After all, if he breaks down on the road and will cause accidents involving other cars, the driver is to blame, which was carrying cargo.

In addition, it is worth considering that the Luggage should not block the driver's view, to violate stability, to interfere with control of a car, to cover room, to pollute the atmosphere (e.g., dust), noise, etc.

If you follow all the rules, transportation will not be a difficult task, and the cargo will be delivered safely to the destination.